RL-Glue 3.0 RC2 and updated Codecs!

Post date: Oct 11, 2008 6:56:32 PM

Hi all. I just merged all of the const-pointer changes and related updates into the main RL-Glue trunk and C-Codec trunk. This update breaks backward compatibility. This seemed like a good time to update all of the downloads so that these API changes make it to end users sooner rather than later, so I did.

RC2 probably isn't a great name, feels like we should be going back to beta because of the big changes... but I think that would be more confusing.

For more information, check out the updated technical manual for RL-Glue:


Gabor has also been very busy on the Lisp codec (so I've bumped its version to RC2 and update all of the downloads to include it).

Feedback welcome as always.