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Brian Tanner

Sutton Class Spring 2009

I gave a brief talk in Rich Sutton's class in March 2009. The idea was to give some ideas for potential reinforcement learning projects, as well as a brief introduction to RL-Glue.

There are a few slides here about the 2009 RL-Competition, and a few about RL-Glue.

Demo @ NIPS 2008

We gave a demo of RL-Glue + Viz/Library and Critterbot at the main NIPS 2008 conference in December 2008, in Vancouver, Canada.

Check out the demo page with the details is here.

Photos coming soon!


I gave a talk on RL-Glue + Codecs and related projects at the Machine Learning Open Source Software workshop at the NIPS 2008 Workshops in Whistler, Vancouver.

If you'd like to watch the talk (it was videotaped) or download the slides, check it out here:

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