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RL-Glue has gone through several iterations adding new features, supported languages and developers. This page is new, and it hasn't been completely filled out yet, but we hope to get add to it and get a good picture of the overall RL-Glue history.


RL-Glue 1.0

The first release of the software, RL-Glue 1.0 in 2005, provided support for C/C++, Java and Python through a file-pipe interface.

The primary contributors at the time were:

RL-Glue 2.0

The next release of the software, RL-Glue 2.0 in 2007, introduced the socket communication architecture.

RL-Glue 2.0 was created by:

Software Contributions

Leah Hackman helped convert agents and environments from RL-Glue 1.0 --> RL-Glue 2.0

RL-Glue 3.0

The current release adds new languages (Matlab and Lisp), new example projects, platform-specific distributions, install programs, extensive documentation, and more. The primary developer of RL-Glue 3.0 is Brian Tanner.

Software Contributions








Bugs (starting after the official release)

Dhirendra Singh Matlab version incompatibility with try/catch. Thanks for the fix!

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